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mardi, 13 juin, 2023

D'Orsay Restaurant-Pub

I stopped in to have a beer while my wife was shopping, about 4pm on Tuesday the 13th on June, I sat at the bar and the bartender was chatting with a server so I sat there waiting to get served, she chatted for about 4 mins, as I waited, she then started to fill classes with ice, about 12 glasses that were just sitting on the bar, a further 4 or 5 mins went by as I still waited, after another 2 mins I got up an left, all this time she was no more that 4 feet away from me, so if this type of service you are used to getting this is the bar for you, I personally will never be in or recommend this place to anyone, absolutly shocking non service.

13 juin, 2023