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Article: Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City: Where to Indulge with Your Loved Ones

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City: Where to Indulge with Your Loved Ones

Varied and Delicious Kids Menus for Memorable Family Outings

By Apr 15, 2024
Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City: Where to Indulge with Your Loved Ones
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Looking for ideas for family outings in Quebec City?

Explore a selection of family-friendly restaurants offering varied and delicious kids' menus!

Discover a range of welcoming venues, perfect for family meals, where both kids and adults can enjoy dishes tailored to their tastes. From gourmet burgers to Italian specialties to Asian delights, there's something for every palate in Quebec City.

Don't miss the opportunity to create memorable family memories while enjoying tasty meals. With menus specially designed for children and welcoming atmospheres, these restaurants are perfect for creating unforgettable family memories. Check out our article to find the perfect restaurant for your next family outing in Quebec City!


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The branches of Le Petit Chalet restaurant offer a delightfully family-friendly experience with kids' menus designed to satisfy the most discerning palates.

The kids' menu offers fun and delicious options for breakfast, such as "I don't want any" with an egg and a choice of meat, or "I don't care" with French toast and fruit. For lunch and dinner, kids can indulge in dishes like sausage poutine, chicken strips with homemade fries, or cheeseburger with fries.

The delights don't stop there, with gourmet burgers and specialties like eggs Benedict and the famous chalet poutine. Adults are not left out with a variety of succulent meals. At Le Petit Chalet, every meal is a feast for the whole family.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


3115 Avenue des Hôtels, Québec, G1W 3Z6

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Located in the heart of the Hôtel Québec, 10Vagues Resto-Bar offers a unique maritime culinary experience, highlighting the freshness of ingredients and the generosity of its dishes, all in a welcoming family atmosphere. With its large windows overlooking the indoor garden, the restaurant offers a varied and personalized kids' menu to cater to the tastes of the youngest guests.

For breakfast, kids can choose from a tempting selection including cocoa, pancakes, French toast, fruit waffles, a mini-omelet, or a healthy bowl, accompanied by a refreshing beverage. For lunch or dinner, the kid's menu offers a dessert, a choice of drink, a choice of side (fries, flavored rice, salad, or vegetables of the day), and a variety of dishes such as corn dogs, hamburger, chicken fillets, pizza, grilled chicken wrap, half-spaghetti, salmon fillet, or chicken breast.

During the summer season, the buffet sometimes becomes the only option available for dinner, thus meeting the demand of customers. Offered at an advantageous rate, this buffet offers a variety of dishes to satisfy all appetites, with a specific rate for different age groups.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


1221 Rue Charles-Albanel, Québec, G1X 4Y5

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Resto-Pub L'Immédia, in the Cap-Rouge district, is much more than just a restaurant; it has been an iconic place in Quebec City for over 25 years. With its family history and warm atmosphere, it attracts locals and visitors looking for an authentic culinary experience.

The kids menu offers a variety of dishes with choices such as poutine, hot dogs, fish and chips, Safari friends 4, and more. They are all served in trios with a drink and a dessert, allowing the young ones to enjoy their favorite dishes in a friendly atmosphere.

The success of L'Immédia lies in its quality cuisine, featuring iconic dishes like smoked meat, crispy fish and chips, and curly homemade fries, which have earned a loyal clientele over the years.

Customer testimonials reflect the excellence of L'Immédia as a family destination. They mention not only the quality of the meals but also the attentive service and welcoming atmosphere that make it their favorite restaurant for family outings or gatherings with friends. In short, Resto-Pub L'Immédia embodies the essence of comforting cuisine.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


1111 Boulevard Pie XI Nord, Québec, G3K 2S8

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For nearly four decades, Patates Plus! has been a well-known institution in Val-Bélair. This family restaurant stands out for its specialization in classic fast-food dishes, offering a tempting selection of items such as clubs, wraps, meatloaf sandwiches, poutines, and even lobster dishes in season.

Beyond its reputation, Patates Plus! also distinguishes itself with its warm and casual atmosphere, where everyone feels at home.

For families, the establishment offers a secure outdoor play area, allowing children to have fun while parents enjoy their meals in peace.

Since its inception in 1984, Patates Plus! has maintained its status as a must-visit gathering place in Val-Bélair, offering a retro experience with counter service.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


311 Chemin de la Canardière, Québec, G1L 2V1

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The kids' menu at Nicky Sushi in Limoilou, named "Petit Moussaillon," is designed to please young palates while offering an authentic experience of Asian cuisine. Children can choose from a variety of appetizer options, such as miso soup or cabbage salads.

Then they have the choice between a selection of sushi tailored to their preferences, including vegetarian or protein nigiris and hosomakis, guaranteeing a diverse taste experience adapted to everyone's tastes. For children who are not yet sushi fans, the menu also offers a popular alternative with the General Tao, a tasty option appreciated by the younger ones.

Finally, children can accompany their meal with their choice of beverage, offering a selection of drinks suitable for their age and preferences. With its varied and balanced kids menu, Nicky Sushi ensures that young guests enjoy their meal while discovering the unique flavors of Asian cuisine.

For expectant mothers, there is even a dedicated menu. Customers praise the speed of service and the quality of children's dishes, highlighting the advantageous value for money. Offering a variety of choices for the whole family, Nicky Sushi is the perfect place for delicious and bonding family moments.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


5600 Boulevard des Galeries, Québec, G2K 2H6

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Sésame offers a variety of Asian dishes throughout Quebec, in a lively and friendly atmosphere. From classics like pad thai to original creations like General Tao poutine, as well as various wok sautés, it features a varied menu.

Sésame offers an extensive selection of loose teas, privately imported wines, draft beers, and sakes, as well as an exclusive cocktail menu. Accessible for all occasions, Sésame offers options for all tastes and dietary preferences, in a comfortable atmosphere.

For families, Sésame offers a special kids menu, featuring dishes such as fried rice, General Tao chicken, chow mein, and Tao poutine, with a beverage and ice cream included, making family outings simpler and more enjoyable. This attention to detail makes family outings more enjoyable and less complicated, reinforcing the family aspect of the experience in Sésame group branches.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


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Allô Mon Coco offers the "Petits Cocos" menu for kids aged 10 and under, including a beverage and a choice of various options such as fruit cups, crepes, pancakes, half-waffles, grilled cheese, omelets, or plates with eggs.

The restaurant is renowned for its delicious brunch, offering a range of morning specialties like eggs Benedict, decadent waffles, and the famous Allô Mon Coco potatoes. With a family-friendly and festive atmosphere, Allô Mon Coco invites its customers to share joyful moments around the best meal of the day.

Since 2001, the Allô Mon Coco family has expanded throughout Quebec, offering generous and fresh cuisine in a warm and modern environment, perfect for memorable family brunches.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


5425 Avenue des Platanes, Québec, G1G 3R6

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Pizza Passion, with its three branches in Beauport, Charlesbourg, and Duberger, has been welcoming families since 1998 with courteous service, a varied menu, and a warm atmosphere.

The kids menu, designed for children under 12 accompanied by an adult, offers a variety of choices with a beverage (milk or juice) and dessert (jello or ice cream) included in the dining room. Dishes include popular classics such as poutine, spaghetti with fries, junior burger, junior pizza, junior dog, and chicken nuggets, each offering a portion suitable for children.

Additionally, in the dining room, children can also enjoy a "Fan-Fan Fantastic" kids cocktail. With its friendly atmosphere and kid-friendly options, Pizza Passion is a perfect choice for a family outing in Quebec City.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


2013 Bd Lebourgneuf, local 111, Québec, G2K 0N8

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Pacini in Lebourgneuf, with several branches across Quebec, embodies the family spirit by offering authentic Italian flavors adapted to all.

Its kids menu, designed for those 12 and under, includes carefully selected dishes, such as minestrone soup, soup of the day, or Caesar salad, followed by a choice of drink and a delicious Dolci dessert. Every Wednesday, kids' meals are offered at only $5 in the dining room, providing families with an affordable opportunity to share a meal together. Additionally, the famous All-You-Can-Eat Bread Bar adds a special touch!

At Pacini, the love of Italian cuisine combines with family love, creating a welcoming environment where every family member can enjoy a delicious meal in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


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At Chez Victor, the art of the burger comes to life with a variety of unique creations. Since 1991, the restaurant has offered a selection of gourmet burgers, ranging from the classic beef burger to the bison burger (Le Guerrier), the breaded cod burger (Le Capitaine Vic) or vegan options, all prepared with fresh ingredients emphasizing local products from the region.

For the younger ones, Chez Victor offers a specially designed menu with portioned dishes, including fries, mayonnaise, and a drink. Options include a beef burger, breaded chicken fillets, a tofu burger, a mini-poutine, and a grilled chicken burger.

At Chez Victor, every family member will find happiness, whether with gourmet creations for adults or delicious options for kids.

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Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City


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Cosmos in Lebourgneuf and Sainte-Foy has offered a distinctive experience for over 25 years. From dawn, workers and families flock to enjoy a hearty breakfast, a business lunch, or a family brunch. In the evening, couples gather in a lounge atmosphere, while families indulge in their varied and generous menu.

Cosmos believes in an exceptional culinary experience accessible to all. That's why it offers a diverse menu and certified Aliments du Québec. Its spacious area, with a bar, private lounge, and terrace, offers everyone a comfortable setting.

For families, Cosmos offers a kids menu, tailored to young palates. Included with each dish: a beverage and a choice between a fruit salad or ice cream, peanut-free.

Cosmos is the ideal place to create memorable family memories or gather with friends, in a warm and welcoming setting. And to make the most of it, don't miss their 50-50 Promo: get 50% off 50% of menu items from Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 6pm!

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Quebec City

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