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Article: La Tanière 3: An Exceptional Experience and Service in the Heart of Old Quebec

La Tanière 3: An Exceptional Experience and Service in the Heart of Old Quebec

An immersion in several stages, with each room revealing its own culinary tale.

By Apr 23, 2024
La Tanière 3: An Exceptional Experience and Service in the Heart of Old Quebec


36 1/2 Rue Saint-Pierre, Québec, G1K 3Z6

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Since 1977, La Tanière 3 has distinguished itself with its relentless pursuit of redefining the standards of Quebecois dining.

Located in the heart of Old Quebec, between the river and Place Royale, La Tanière 3 settled in 2019 in a historically rich site: the vaults of the Leber and Charest houses. This new location, steeped in a rich past, offers a unique setting where tradition and modernity blend seamlessly.

La Tanière 3

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing François-Emmanuel Nicol, co-owner and chef of this essential gastronomic institution in Quebec City. This meeting highlighted the excellence of the service, a fundamental value at the heart of the experience provided by La Tanière 3.

An Unparalleled Sensory Experience

The historic vaults of La Tanière 3 offer an immersive culinary experience in several stages, each room and vault having its own decor and musical ambiance.

La Tanière 3

From the first dishes that showcase Quebec terroir to delicate desserts, each moment is expertly orchestrated to transport guests on an unforgettable journey.

La Tanière 3

The first vault, highlighting the wild Quebec terroir, invites guests to discover the authentic flavors of the region.La Tanière 3

The second vault, with about eight courses, tells captivating stories about local producers, neighborhoods, and foraging anecdotes. Finally, the last vault offers a moment of relaxation with delicate desserts, accompanied by a light ambiance and subtle music.

La Tanière 3


Explore The Intimacy Of The Vault And The Expertise Of The Chef's Counter

Now, the restaurant offers two distinctive experiences: the chef's counter and the vault dining room. At the heart of this intimate setting, Chef Nicol presents a blind-tasting menu that showcases the richness of local products and the culinary heritage of Quebec.

La Tanière 3

  • The Dining Room: Immerse yourself in an intimate atmosphere, where history and local flavors meet.

  • Chef's counter: Enter the chef's world, observe the brigade at work, and interact with passionate experts. passionnés.

    La Tanière 3

The price range for menus is between $235 and $275 per person for food, with three pairing options available.

The menus, flexible to accommodate various dietary preferences (to be specified when booking, vegan menus are not available), offer an immersive experience spread over multiple courses, ranging from 15 to 20 depending on the season, in an intimate and historic setting.

Exceptional Service, Special Attention

La Tanière 3 places paramount importance on its service, a true pillar of its success. Every detail is meticulously thought out to provide an exceptional customer experience. Roxan Bourdelais, co-owner, and dining room manager, embodies this philosophy by providing attentive and meticulous service. His dedication to guests is even evident in the simplest gestures, like helping an elderly person to the restroom.

Beyond the excellence of the dishes, the experience at La Tanière 3 is also enriched by the expertise of its sommelier, Jonathan Ross, who carefully selects the perfect pairings for each dish, offering an unparalleled taste experience.

Additionally, the bartender, Simon Faucher, stands out with his creativity and expertise in crafting unique and refined cocktails, adding a touch of originality to every moment spent at the restaurant.

International Recognition

The career of Chef François-Emmanuel Nicol illustrates La Tanière 3's commitment to excellence. Thanks to the Relais & Châteaux scholarship, Nicol had the opportunity to hone his skills at renowned restaurants worldwide. This experience has inspired his culinary vision and strengthened his connections with local suppliers, a legacy from his internships in France, Spain, and Australia.

La Tanière 3

In 2023, La Tanière 3 was honored by becoming a member of Relais & Châteaux, joining a prestigious list of internationally renowned establishments. This recognition reflects the restaurant's ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary field.

La Tanière 3

Exclusively, François-Emmanuel Nicol revealed a four-handed evening with Alexandre Vachon at the prestigious Manoir Hovey, a promising collaboration that promises an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Further exciting collaborations and special evenings are anticipated with other Relais & Châteaux member establishments, offering guests at La Tanière 3 the opportunity to discover unique and memorable culinary alliances.

La Tanière 3: An Exceptional Address in the Heart of the Capital

La Tanière 3, a true gastronomic institution in the capital, stands out for its commitment to providing an exceptional culinary experience and service.

Through its rich history, unique setting, and menus inspired by Quebec terroir, the restaurant embodies excellence at all levels, placing the pleasure and satisfaction of its guests at the heart of its identity.

La Tanière 3

Article photo credits: Simon Ferland