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Article: Légende Restaurant: Where Boreal and Local Cuisine Meets

Légende Restaurant: Where Boreal and Local Cuisine Meets

A decade of innovative gastronomy, where every dish tells a local story.

By updated: Apr 15, 2024
Légende Restaurant: Where Boreal and Local Cuisine Meets


255 Rue St-Paul, Québec, G1K 3W5

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In the vast panorama of Quebec City's restaurant scene, there are places where cuisine goes beyond the simple act of eating to become an experience, a story to be told.

Among these gastronomic gems is Légende Restaurant, part of the La Tanière Group, masterfully led by Elliot Beaudoin, Executive Chef and Co-Owner.

In an exclusive interview, Elliot shares his background, his vision of cuisine, and the very essence of Légende.

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An Ancestral Culinary Journey

A native of the Beauce region, Elliot Beaudoin discovered his passion for cooking at an early age. For him, food was much more than a simple daily necessity; it was an infinite playground, a universe where imagination could fuse with flavors to create something magical. His journey took him from the benches of cooking school in Quebec City to the renowned kitchens of Montreal's Laurie Raphaël.

But it was in Quebec City, at the Tanière restaurant, that he really began to make his mark. After proving himself, he rose through the ranks to become the restaurant's executive chef.

Creating Minimalist Art

Elliot sees cooking as an art, a form of expression in which each dish tells a story. His cuisine is characterized by its minimalism and finesse, highlighting local produce, particularly from the boreal forest. Dishes, named after plants rather than proteins, celebrate local herbs and wild flavors.

Restaurant Légende


Surprise your Taste Buds with Unexpected Flavors

At Le Légende Restaurant, the culinary experience goes far beyond the simple act of eating, with dishes that surprise and challenge traditional expectations of cuisine.Restaurant Légende

Elliot likes to innovate the kitchen by exploring new flavors with local herbs, flowers, and plants, even naming his dishes after these ingredients to spread the word.

To offer a glimpse of the restaurant's creations, here's a sample of a recent menu. They chose to feature Gaspé halibut in escabeche, accompanied by balsam fir-scented yogurt, tarragon, and fir oil, and grilled pearl onions.

Restaurant Légende

The chef likes to play with guests' perceptions, inviting them to discover new flavors and textures. Dishes such as cod cheeks, whole fried fish or even crickets in a dessert testify to his constant desire to push the boundaries of creativity.

Restaurant Légende

With a 6- to 8-course discovery menu, each dish is a carefully crafted work of art, designed to stimulate all the senses.

Wine pairing is also an option, with prestige, legend, or non-alcoholic choices, allowing diners to personalize their experience to their preferences.

Menus to Suit Every Eating Style!!

Carnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan menu choices are available, with particular attention paid to dietary restrictions.

The meticulously thought-out and prepared vegan dishes defy expectations, transforming simple ingredients into true gastronomic masterpieces. Elliot mentioned that a carrot can take him 72 hours to prepare in the kitchen!

Innovation at the Heart of a Passionate and Dedicated Team

Behind every success is a passionate and dedicated team, and that's one of the hallmarks of Restaurant Légende: its innovative approach to boreal cuisine, patisserie, unusual wine pairings, and creative cocktails.

Restaurant Légende

Elliot Beaudoin and his team push the boundaries of creativity by revisiting classics with a local twist. Pastry chef Destiny Laroche delights diners with creations as daring as they are delicious. Desserts like chocolate mousse without chocolate and lemon curd without lemon are a testament to their ingenuity and technical mastery.

Renowned sommelier Caroline Beaulieu was honored with the title of Best Sommelier of the Year at the Lauriers 2023 Awards. She orchestrates a precise and coherent wine selection.

Restaurant Légende

To match these culinary delights, Chef mixologist Jean-François Laurence creates cocktails to match Le Légende's culinary excellence.

Elegant Décor: Art and Gastronomy in Perfect Harmony

The restaurant's decor is modern and uncluttered, with abundant plant accents adding a welcoming warmth.

Restaurant Légende

Sébastien Riopel's acrylic artworks, incorporating a variety of materials such as century-old encyclopedia pages, crystals, stones, rivets, and gold leaf, add a unique symbolic dimension to the space, creating a captivating visual experience.


Tradition, Innovation, and Passion

On the eve of its tenth anniversary, Le Légende Restaurant embodies the very essence of Quebec gastronomy, skilfully blending tradition and innovation to offer a unique sensory experience. At Le Légende, cuisine is transformed into art, each meal becoming a captivating adventure for the soul.Restaurant Légende

Under the direction of Elliot Beaudoin and his talented team, this iconic establishment continues to push the boundaries of creativity and excellence, offering guests a culinary experience like no other.

Each dish tells a story, and each bite reveals a universe of unforgettable flavors. It's a vibrant tribute to Quebec's culinary heritage, where local delicacies are sublimated with ingenuity and respect.

Article photo credits: Simon Ferland