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CITYArticle: Quebec City's Best Burgers!

Quebec City's Best Burgers!

Will you choose to have beef, pork, chicken or vegetarian?

By May 12, 2022
Quebec Citys Best Burgers!
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Quebec City has a great choice of delicious hamburgers with classic or original recipes, there is something for everyone!

We have gathered our favorites in the city, can you find yours?


Les Trois Garçons serves gourmet burgers in the heart of Old Quebec. Open for over 10 years, the atmosphere is halfway between a Parisian and New York bistro. Using mostly local ingredients, we find a nice variety of burgers. Composed of 6 ounces of freshly ground meat and artisanal brioche bread, all these burgers come from Quebec City businesses. The mayo and fries are prepared on-site. Among our favorite recipes, we suggest the inter-worker, the veggie at Julien, or the salmon! Reserve your table online with friends, colleagues, couples, family, or even solo.

Les Trois Garçons


A magnificent steakhouse in the Old Quebec train station, this restaurant offers a superior quality hamburger. All of the Charbon's meat is cooked over maple wood charcoal, which makes all the difference! A restaurant that lends itself well to corporate meals, with friends, family, solo, or on a date. Le Charbon's burger is worth the detour with the 6 oz of ground sirloin, bacon, sharp cheddar, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. You also have the option of stopping by their butcher shop to pick up your favorite cut and cook at home! Reservations are strongly recommended.

Charbon Steakhouse



Chez Victor has been serving burgers in the capital since 1991. Relying on local suppliers, each item ordered contains local ingredients. Whether it's the burger of the day or the unique burger at each location, you can vary your experience with each visit or go for your favorite classic. They offer vegetarian, vegan, pork, beef, breaded cod, and chicken options. All you have to do is choose the mayonnaise that goes with your fries. Mayonnaises are available in many grocery stores, so you can recreate your favorite recipes at home! Privatize the Chez Victor experience by reserving their food truck, visit their website to learn more.  

Chez Victor


This chain has several franchises in the province of Quebec and is designed to honor all types of women. With a desire to offer trendy decor, a casual atmosphere while constantly being innovative, La Belle et La Boeuf offers quality classic burgers and creative recipes. The cocktails offered are a great bonus to accompany each of your meals at La Belle et La Boeuf.  

La Belle et La Boeuf


Archibald's beers are now available all over Quebec, but everything started in Lac Beauport. While enjoying a meal and your favorite beer, enjoy the great atmosphere and live band options. When it comes to burgers, there are many ways to customize your experience by opting for a gluten-free bun, salad instead of bread, replacing the beef with chicken, or even a Beyond Meat patty. The original Archibald's recipe has 5 ounces of beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and Archibald's mayonnaise. Book your next visit online.  



Located on Cartier Street in Sainte-Foy, Burger Cartier offers a variety of sandwiches and burgers to be enjoyed on-site, for take-out or delivery. As part of the Fastoche group of restaurants, you can find their creative spirit in each of their burgers. Among the favorites of the clientele: the Bourbon burger (cream cheese, candied onions, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise) and the Migneron (Migneron cheese from Charlevoix, mayonnaise with two pestos (sun-dried tomatoes and basil), lettuce and tomato).  

Burger Cartier


London Jack aims to recreate the atmosphere of a London pub by offering great beers and a menu reminiscent of London while incorporating local favorites. During the various editions of Burger Week, one can remember their ultra original recipes that attracted many curious people. Alternatively, order the excellent cheeseburger (vegetarian patty option) made with Guinness beer cheddar cheese, pork jowl bacon, house sauce, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and served with fries. Watch their social media for upcoming dates with live music to liven up your evening! 

London Jack



Chick Shack is a must in Old Quebec and uses only quality local products. Whether it's 100% Canadian beef or a brioche bun created by a local artisan, each burger will be unique and memorable. If you feel like experimenting with wood-fired meat, opt for the Robuste burger served with deer meat, mushrooms sautéed with Coureur des bois, Ciel de Charlevoix (blue), arugula, tomato, homemade pickles, and black garlic mayonnaise. You'll find an array of flavors in each of your guaranteed bites! Accompany it with a milkshake, fries, or homemade chips prepared in a minute with the homemade mayonnaise of your choice. 

Le Chic Shack


The various Cosmos locations offer a trendy atmosphere with colorful lighting and lounge music. Not only are the juices and cocktails creative, but the menu does not leave you indifferent. Whether it's for the daily menu, lunch, or dinner, you have a wide range of choices that are as generous as they are beautiful. A nod to the Highland burger (Scottish Highland beef, 2-year-old cheddar from L'Isle-aux-Grues, bacon, fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato) and the veggie burger [homemade veggie patty, fried arugula, curried mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato]. Be sure to reserve your table before you go so you don't have to wait in the lobby! 



Take a trip to Ireland with Galway Pub! The atmosphere is typical of an Irish pub: friendly and lively! In addition to the 22 types of beer and cider on tap, as well as a wide range of whiskey, there is a comforting and generous bistro-style menu. During burger week, watch for their various hearty and gourmet creations. The ones that are continuously displayed on the menu each have? a pound of fresh ground beef from a local butcher and an artisanal sesame seed bun. If there's one to try, we highly recommend the Turnbull: goat cheese, large fried onions, stout beer caramel, bacon, tomato, and lettuce. A killer! Book your next party online at 1112 Cartier Avenue. 

Pub Galway


Whatever your favorite style of burger, Quebec City has a place that will cook it up for you.


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