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Article: Where to Find Good Cocktails in Quebec City?

Where to Find Good Cocktails in Quebec City?

Creative recipes for you to discover!

By Jan 18, 2023
Where to Find Good Cocktails in Quebec City?
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Cocktail bars have regained their popularity in recent years. There is nothing better than being amazed by the incredible talent of our bartenders to manipulate the minds. If you don't know some of these places in Quebec City, this article will help you. 

If you are a cocktail lover, this list may reveal places you didn't even know existed!


624, Grande Allée E, Québec, G1R 2K5

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L'Atelier Tartares & Cocktails is located on Grande-Allée in the heart of Quebec City. An industrial decor with a chic and casual feel awaits you.

The cocktail menu is divided into sections allowing you to choose between your tastes and what you want between bitter, sour, sweet, herbaceous, or umami. They even have their own signature hard liquor like absinthe, vodka, bubbly and mechanical gin from the Atelier. Most recipes are available by the glass, but the pitcher can order some.

On the food side, they specialize in tartars and, trust us, they are excellent! They can be ordered as an appetizer or as a meal. If you want to nibble while sipping your drink, the appetizers are a perfect accompaniment. We think of the oysters or the duo of dips.

Whether it's for an aperitif, a happy hour (which goes on forever), or a meal, you'll have a great time!

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


505 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, G1K 3B7

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This English pub on St. Joseph Street is known for its beers, but also for its tasty cocktails.


They regularly have several cocktail specials going on, including 2-for-1 martinis from Tuesday to Thursday in 5 to 7. * Note that these promotions can change quickly and check their website for updates.

For drinks, you can choose between regular, premium, or even original creations and personalize them according to your tastes. The menu is divided between short, long, tasty drinks, sangrias, and martinis. They also offer non-alcoholic recipes.

The food menu offers pub classics from fish and chips to burgers and poutines!

The atmosphere is always great with its many singers and bands. Whether you are there for brunch on the weekend, lunch, or dinner, you will have a memorable experience.

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


146 Route du President-Kennedy, Lévis, G6V 6C9

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It's not only in Quebec City that you can find good cocktails but also in Levis at Le Délice. This 3-story restaurant lounge offers an atmosphere that combines grand and intimate, comfortable and lively. The multicultural cuisine will take you on a flavorful journey and allow you to explore something new with each visit. 

We like to celebrate at Le Délice, as Happy Hour is from 2 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and includes specials on cocktails and sangrias. The menu is separated into light+refreshing, lively+powerful, and classic drinks.

Friday nights feature live performers or bands to set the mood for the restaurant, which is perfect to accompany an evening of great cocktails!

In summer, don't miss the coveted rooftop terrace!

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


1200 Rue St-Jean, Québec, G1R 1S8

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How about a trip back to the 1800s for a wonderful evening filled with cocktails and a unique and diverse menu?

A whole page of their menu is dedicated to Quebec gins, so if you want to explore the different productions, this is THE place for you. The 3 gin-tasting tray is perfect for that. The selection of rums is very interesting too.


The cocktails are all named after the 1800s theme and describe the flavors and experiences attached to each. Of course, they make excellent versions of classic cocktails with quality products.

We accompany this by sharing platters, signature dishes, or their selection of pub food.

A great time is guaranteed.

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


Multiple locations

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It's impossible to talk about the best cocktails without mentioning the famous Masson jars and Shaker pitchers. Now, they can be found all over the province, but it is in the Quebec City area that we find the largest concentration of branches.

They offer more than thirty different mixology cocktails. On the menu, each drink is described with the flavors and sensations that one should expect when drinking them. So whether you want to drink something herbal, fresh, sweet, or energizing, you can choose accordingly!

As for the food, there is no lack of variety, but they specialize in tartars and burgers. An experience to try in a chic and modern setting.

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


Multiple locations

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Cosmos restaurants are known for their great atmosphere, generous plates, brunches, and their alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


If you're thinking of original non-alcoholic options, their heavenly juices are among the best in the city. The drink menu, meanwhile, is divided into their signature cocktails, martinis, mojitos, sangrias, and slushies. Almost anything can be made into a mocktail. They have a wonderful collection of Quebec gins, so this is one of the best places to try them. 

Multiple promotions are running monthly and daily, as this can change quickly, we recommend you follow their website and social media.

Reservations are a must during peak hours, as despite the size of the restaurants, there are often lines (which are worth it).

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


Multiple locations

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This company with several franchises in Quebec is basically designed to honor all women. With a desire to offer trendy decor, and a casual atmosphere while constantly being innovative, La Belle et La Boeuf offers quality classic burgers and creative recipes. 

As the first restaurant in Canada to integrate mixology and table games, La Belle et La Boeuf offers high-end alcoholic cocktails made by expert bartenders. They serve a variety of options in half and liter masons, a multitude of ave caesars, sangrias, energy drinks, and their signature creations.

The mac and cheese, burgers, grilled cheese, and poutines are simply decadent and promise a festive and gourmet evening!

Find the location nearest you to try these recipes yourself!

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


643 Rue St-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3C1

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It's in the Saint-Roch district on Saint Joseph Street that you can enjoy a Mexican-flavored cocktail with a wonderful choice of tequilas and seltzers on tap. 

Patron Tequila lovers, did you know that they have a Patron margarita on tap? Try it during your next happy hour (Thursday to Saturday from 5 pm to 7 pm) or visit. 

In addition to a beautiful festive atmosphere at all times, they offer a traditional, fresh and contemporary Mexican menu. They wonderfully combine local ingredients with Mexican family recipes.

Pssst: have you had the chance to try their hidden and private bar: The Sotano? In a luxurious and vintage style, you will be able to taste the best tequilas and sip cocktails, wines, and beers specially prepared for your group. Private service, cocktails, and aperitifs.

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


181 St-Vallier E, Québec, G1K 3P2

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This place is a favorite for Quebec City residents to go for a coffee, a brunch, a cocktail, a party, or a little bit of all of that! 

The friendly atmosphere, the welcoming staff, the quaint decoration, and the menu more than justify their popularity. 

The menu of cocktail creations can change according to the seasons and the mixologists' inspirations, which makes you want to go back regularly to try them. If you don't know what you want, ask for a personalized creation at the counter!

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?


1100 Boulevard René-Lévesque E, Québec, G1R 4P3

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Chef Marie-Chantal Lepage is the head of the restaurant Cabu in the Hilton. She offers innovative market cuisine with local Quebec products. 

The creations of the cocktail recipes reflect this state of mind with ingredients such as fir mist, maple wood smoke, apple must, honey roof syrup, and more. 

They also offer a multitude of local hard liquors like gins, vodkas, pastis, absinthe, and various liqueurs.

The breakfast buffet is worth the trip because of its great variety of beautiful products...you will leave satisfied!

Where to find good cocktails in Quebec City?

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