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Nouveau concept! Le Panache est devenu Chez Muffy!

À propos de nous

CHEZ MUFFY est notre restaurant français-canadien, inspiré de la ferme, où les compétences culinaires, un service chaleureux et des conversations s’entremêlent. En fonction des saisons, nous mettons les produits de notre...
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Capacité: 80 Nous acceptons: Master Card, Visa, AMEX, Interac, Argent Comptant

Dimanche de 11h30 à 14h00

Service de voiturier inclus le midi et le soir avec un repas à Panache.


Le stationnement avec valet est offert gratuitement.

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1 Commentaire

When we walk in at 6 PM on a Saturday night (11/25/2017), the restaurant was maybe 1/2 full, not that crowded. Me and the girlfriend order. Girlfriend orders a vegetarian entree with squash cream soup. I order the grass fed ribeye and a glass of wine.

One thing I noticed right off the bat is the wine glasses have marks on them to mark the 3 and 5 oz line. The waitress pouring the wine pours it up to the 5 oz line and not a nano-meter higher. Kind of tacky for a "nice" restaurant but whatever...

The soup arrives maybe 10 minutes later and its not bad. Portion was very small but its an appetizer so who cares.

Then, we wait about an additional hour for our food to arrive. I surmise that since I ordered ribeye it must be taking a while to cook (even though I ordered it medium rare)...

Finally, our main courses arrive and and visually, I'm bitterly disappointed. Girlfriends dish looks like a small plop of random veggies piled on a plate and my "ribeye" appears to be a 3mm thick slice of ribeye with small piped out blips of celeriac puree.

At this point, I'm starving so I decide to dig in. As I'm eating this paper-thing slice of ribeye, I keep thinking to myself how the price of the dish is $36. It didn't even include a real serving of the celeriac puree. It's essentially an a la carte slice of ribeye they charge $36 for. The thing was so thin it must have been on a saute pan for no longer than a minute each side. I'm not even kidding. Unsurprisingly, I finish this thing in about 60 seconds and am still hungry. Girlfriend finishes her small plop of veggies in about the same time and has a look of bitter disappointment on her face as well. I have no idea how the chef or waitress had any dignity left after serving these plates to us.

The kicker is we ask for the bill immediately after finishing and the waitress returns with a bill for $106. Just a final kick in the nads from this place.

Afterwards, we go to a random restaurant on the way home and get some bread and soup for $5 for my girlfriend because she's still hungry. I order a beer in a futile attempt to forget about the situation. I honestly can't tell if this place is either: A) the biggest tourist trap in Quebec or B) so financially in the gutter they need to rob their customers of any value by charging exorbitant prices for comically small portions of mediocre food.

As an aside, I don't care if a restaurant serves small portions. I actually think that's a great thing most of the time, but don't make your customers wait a long time and charge high prices. That's just ridiculous. Whats additionally disappointing is this is our first time in Quebec City, and the first place we went to was Le Clocher Penche, which was absolutely outstanding (food + service) and the kicker was that the prices were actually very cheap. So our expectations for other places in Quebec were sky high. Then we went to this place and basically don't know what to think of Quebec anymore. I'm just really hoping someone else can read this before they book this place and prevent any further disappointment.

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6 Commentaires

Absolument sublîme, de l'entrée au dessert.
C'était ma première visite et rien n'a cloché, du début à la fin.
Une note plus que positive au sommelier qui maîtrise son art de main de maître. Ses suggestions audacieuses furent fort appréciées par tous les convives en âge de consommer de l'alcool.

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3 Commentaires

Remarquable! La salle à manger est tout simplement magnifique et rend l'atmosphère très chaleureuse. Oui, la nourriture est chère, mais c'est très bon. Le déjeuner est excellent avec du vrai jus d'oranges frais pressées, à essayer absolument!

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