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lundi, 12 août, 2019

Le Taj Mahal

Went there today at 11 am right at the time they open. There was just one lady customer in the restaurant. myself and my wife were waiting for someone to approach us. Waited for nearly 10 minutes. During this time I was just observing the ambience of the restaurant. Honestly as a customer I don't want to see a dust pan and a broom just in the middle of the restaurant after it is open! Flies all around! Salt and pepper shakers were unclean. Overall poor ambience. After 10 minutes, the only server of the restaurant walked to us (don't know his name, but he was the only one in the restaurant at 11 am today), explained that he is still cleaning the restaurant. Gave the menu, went back to the the kitchen maybe. Came back after few minutes, starting taking our order and all of a sudden went to pick a phone call in the middle! All we wanted to have was a plate of veg samosa and a mulugtwany soup to start and order main course later depending on the food quality. Once I placed the order for starters, the server immediately said that they don't serve customers who order only snacks, dessert and tea here and all customers needs to buy main course mandatory. When questioned, the server said this is as per their "owners" policy. I am a Food & Beverage Manager in a reputed hotel chain and this is the worst customer care I have ever got. We travelled all the way from Fredericton to Quebec City for a leisure trip, craving for Indian food and this is a bizzare experience that we faced. The server didn't even bother to apologize for sending us home hungry. My question to the "owner" is "how successful is your business with these type of servers working for your restaurant? With an empty restaurant would you just turn away business? I am happy to come over to your restaurant and do a training on how to make a customer feel special and be flexible with their needs." Sorry to say, if this continues, the business will fail big time!

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12 aug, 2019
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