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Event: Cigale 2024

Cigale 2024




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Cigale 2024 - Event

The feet in the dune, the vibrant body, the music, your friends, the wind and the water command you to enjoy the pleasure and above all the present moment. With the city on the horizon and the atmosphere reminiscent of a Californian vibe , you enjoy every minute, near the water. The smell of food reaches you. You don't want to leave anymore. The sound of the music goes up a notch. You share a drink with your friends. You would like this perfect day to never end. Cigale is the Music-Food-Beach experience beyond a festival in this unique place that is the Bay of Beauport. A perfect day outside the ordinary where you put everything on hold. Because the sun always shines brighter on the beach.

Nearly 20 artists mainly from alternative rock music with an electro-pop-folk flavor will alternate on two stages throughout the Cigale weekend. Whether you're the first in front to sing the greatest classics of your favorite artist at the top of your voice or whether you're more of a style to hum while sipping a cocktail further away, comfortably installed on your towel, you will live the Cigale experience at its better !

Because music is best enjoyed with good food and a few refreshments, Cigale will offer a tasty offer that will feature, among other things, street trucks, BBQ smells and influences from the American West Coast. To venture through the various gourmet offers of the event is to be attracted by the smell of a pizza cooking in the wood-fired oven, it is to be challenged by the scents of the grill, seafood or Mexican influences. It also means tasting oysters with both feet in the sand, savoring a good latte or sustaining yourself with a vegan snack. In short, happiness for the taste buds at any time of the day!

It is known, everything is more fun with both feet in the sand. A true paradise five minutes from downtown Quebec City, the Baie de Beauport is the ideal place to get away from it all. Between two musical performances, you can enjoy a saucette, a tan and lark! Paddleboard, Frisbee, swimming: there will be many activities to enhance your day!

The Baie de Beauport is meant to be a place to create memories and we promise you'll have plenty of it!

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