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Article: Cafés for Studying and Working in Quebec in 2024

Cafés for Studying and Working in Quebec in 2024

Cafés where Productivity Meets Pleasure.

By Jan 28, 2024
Cafés for Studying and Working in Quebec in 2024
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In vibrant Quebec City, where historic lanes meet university campuses, the equation of daily life as a student or telecommuter often proves to be a complex challenge. With numerous colleges and universities, the city provides a fertile ground for learning, but breaking free from the school or home environment becomes imperative.

Cafés emerge as refuges, providing not only an invigorating whiff of caffeine, but also havens for study and telecommuting. 

Whether you're discovering the city or looking for quiet corners to read, study or get your work done, we share our favorite Quebec City cafés to work or study. 

In this article, we'll explore Quebec City's must-visit cafés, places where you can combine the pleasure of coffee with the efficiency of work or study. 

Without further ado, let's dive into the world of these places where the magic of coffee merges harmoniously with studious effervescence, creating an ideal setting for reconciling productivity and pleasure. 


151 Grande Allée E, Québec, G1R 0E7

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Musette Café Vélo Apéro, located on Quebec City's vibrant Grande Allée, embodies a shared passion for bikes, coffee and aperitifs. This unique venue, just a few turns of the wheel from the Plains of Abraham, is much more than just a café. It's the first "cycling clubhouse" in Quebec, combining café, boutique, evening refreshment bar and meeting space. The four partners share a love of craftsmanship, from the handmade bikes to the drinks on offer.


At Musette, the café and bike store section is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, offering the opportunity to start the day with a freshly brewed coffee while exploring quality bikes and accessories. As well as being well-lit, the café features a number of tables for comfortable study and/or work.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


181 St-Vallier E, Québec, G1K 3P2

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Maelstrom, nestled in the lively Saint-Roch district, stands out as a multi-purpose venue, combining restaurant, café and bar, offering a warm atmosphere conducive to concentration. Originally centred around a cold-brew coffee infusion called Coldbrew, the establishment has been transformed into a warm space where this product is explored in various forms. 

The décor preserves the authenticity of the building, offering a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, accentuated by open windows in summer and exhibitions by local artists. The varied menu featurse simple, well-executed dishes, sometimes incorporating Coldbrew. The establishment also offers a delicious brunch menu created by Agapie Théofilis.

The Maelstrom, prized for its unpretentious atmosphere, also serves cocktails carefully crafted by Frédéric Boudreau, director of operations, in collaboration with the bar team. The Maelstrom thus emerges as an ideal address for combining productivity and relaxation with quality cuisine.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


440 Bd Charest O, Québec, G1K 0H5

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In the Saint-Sauveur district, Saint-Suave Librairie-Café offers the perfect balance of study, literature and coffee enjoyment. Appreciated for its warm ambience, spaciousness and customers' understanding of the need for silence, it is considered by many to be an ideal place for concentration. 

In addition to its literary delights, the café broadens its appeal with a gourmet menu featuring savoury wraps, delicious pizzas, comforting soups, mouth-watering pastries and fresh bagels. 

Saint-Suave is renowned for its homemade flavoured syrups, public poetry readings and queer events. 

Founded in November 2019, Saint-Suave has responded to the need for gatherings in Saint-Sauveur by combining a café, bookshop and cultural outreach, while offering a varied and delicious culinary experience.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City



Multiple locations

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Founded in 2013 in the heart of Old Quebec, La Maison Smith, a successful family business, has expanded successfully, opening ten branches across Quebec City. The RestoQuébec team has a particular crush on the Limoilou branch, which is spacious, brightly lit and with several table configurations. La Maison Smith offers inspiring and stimulating workspaces in its Limoilou and Sainte-Foy branches, inviting workers to get out of the office or home. 

Committed to the richness of community exchanges, it blends warmly into each neighbourhood. The team takes care to offer locally roasted coffees, accompanied by a variety of drinks, dishes and homemade products. 

The varied menu includes pastries, pastries, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, soups and snacks. For those who want to extend their day of study or work, the establishment offers cocktails and nibbles. At the end of the day, you can also enjoy cocktails and nibbles, making La Maison Smith a welcoming place for work and study.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


867 Avenue Myrand, Québec, G1V 2V8

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For almost 40 years, Café Temps Perdu has offered a warm atmosphere close to CEGEPs and Laval University, making it a prime location for studying and working. Its bistro-style menu offers a tempting variety of imported beers, soup, poutine, nachos, dumplings and pizzas. 

With its two welcoming floors, lively terrace and friendly staff, the café creates a warm ambience that's part of its charm. Embellished with artists' photos, stained glass, books and antiques, the enchanting décor offers a captivating visual experience. 

Since 1987, Café Temps Perdu in Sainte-Foy continues to win over coffee and beer lovers, with a wide selection of local and imported beers. In summer, a beautiful terrace offers an outdoor space conducive to work and relaxation.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


433 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3B6

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In the heart of Quebec City's St-Roch district, Café Pékoe offers a tempting selection including bubble tea, banh mi sandwiches, scones and more. 

The diversified menu includes teas in all their forms, special creations like the fresh, healthy and gluten-free Bol Poke, and ice creams made on the premises with quality ingredients. The specialty of the establishment is the Banh mi, a Vietnamese sandwich with a crispy French baguette, spicy mayo, protein of choice, pickled carrots, cucumber and coriander. 

The café's ambiance is refreshing, with white walls, plants, high ceilings, glittering tea caddies and barn wood, creating a soothing, open space. 

Right in the heart of Rue Saint-Joseph, Café Pékoe offers a unique experience with unlimited wifi, a welcoming atmosphere and polished decor, making it a must for long study days.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


Multiple locations

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No matter what part of the city you're in, Les Brûleries offers a warm haven with seven branches scattered across the city. These neighbourhood cafés, proud to reflect the diversity of their respective communities, create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for work or study. 

Les Brûleries is committed to offering its customers a personalized experience, whether for regulars or new fans. 

The menu offers a variety of dishes such as sandwiches, grilled cheese, quiches and soups, accompanied by a wide range of flavoured coffees, all in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Les Brûleries is committed to providing a space where one can not only enjoy, but also concentrate on work and study.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


849 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3C8

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With five locations in Montreal and the sixth in Quebec City, located on Saint-Joseph in the Saint-Roch district, Café Saint-Henri microbrewery has been committed from the outset to making specialty coffee accessible to all. 

Offering an ideal setting for studying or working, Café Saint-Henri provides a quiet space for friendly conversation or for immersing oneself in academic work. Café Saint-Henri offers a variety of alternative kinds of milk, such as soy, oat, and macadamia nut, as well as delicious artisan donuts fresh daily. 

Perfect for a study session, a morning meeting, a quick lunch or simply to treat yourself, Café Saint-Henri offers a wonderful space to visit every day in Quebec City.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


504 Rue Saint-Vallier O, Québec, G1N 0C2

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In the Saint-Sauveur district, Philtre Café presents itself as a warm and friendly neighbourhood café. This comforting space offers 100% vegetarian cuisine, with gluten-free options, in a welcoming atmosphere. 

Winner of the Th3rdwave New Café of the Year award in Quebec City, Philtre Café attracts visitors with its friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. 

It's a popular place to work, offering lunch on the premises, with a special mention for the vegan and gluten-free quinoa "galette dej". With free Wi-Fi, Philtre Café stands out as an ideal choice for those looking for a warm space to study or work in the Saint-Sauveur district.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


Multiple locations

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ES Café, with its four locations in Lévis (Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Romuald, Lauzon, Lévis Centre), is a popular choice for students and teleworkers on Quebec's South Shore. These welcoming spaces offer a variety of options for those wishing to study, telecommute or meet up to work as a team, with round tables, a windowsill counter, banquettes and individual tables.

Whether eat-in or take-away, the fresh and tasty daily menu features in-house creations from the central kitchen, made with top-quality ingredients by a passionate team. In the morning, enjoy a full breakfast with plates generously garnished with fruit and fresh bread from a local bakery. At lunch, explore options such as sandwiches, soups, salads and healthy bowls. Delicious handmade pastries and desserts are also a must.

The collaboration with Montreal microbrewery Café Barista guarantees quality Italian blends, made in Quebec.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


Multiple locations

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Nektar Torréfacteur, present in Quebec City since 2009, is committed to democratizing specialty coffee. With cozy establishments in Limoilou and Saint-Roch, the original being the caffeologist who pioneered the third wave of specialty coffees in Quebec City, Nektar has forged a solid reputation. 

The Saint-Roch establishment also houses a roasting workshop. Exploring drying techniques, terroirs and coffee producers without prejudice, Nektar Torréfacteur shares the fruits of its research with the public. 

The three branches provide a work-friendly space, with free Wi-Fi, and a warm atmosphere, complemented by a daily offering of home-roasted beans. Each café also has a boutique offering trendy accessories. An excellent option for studying or working in a welcoming atmosphere

.  Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


Multiple locations

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Founded in Trois-Rivières in 1992, Café Morgane is now flourishing in Quebec City, with locations in Duberger-les-Saules and Les Rivières. 

These spaces offer ample seating and spacious areas, creating an ideal setting for working alone or in a group. The diversity and quality of the coffees roasted on site, whether traditional or iced, promise a surprising experience. The distance from university and college campuses gives Café Morgane a quieter atmosphere. 

With branches across Quebec, the company is part of the café ecosystem. Café Morgane is actively involved in the community, fostering collaboration with local businesses. These fourteen addresses invite you to enjoy specialty coffees in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, making Café Morgane a choice conducive to study and work.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City


10013 Ave Royale, Côte de Beaupré, G0A 3C0

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Located in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Café Apollo's charm is characterized by large glass doors that open on clear days, inviting in natural light.This welcoming space offers coffee from local roasters such as Zab and Escape, accompanied by an assortment including salads, wraps, energy balls and other delights. A wine section offers the chance to buy bottles of natural juices and microbrewery beers.

 Ideal cafés to work and study in Quebec City

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