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Article: Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?

Festivities and cohesion: strengthening team spirit

By Oct 24, 2023
Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?
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It's already time to start planning your office party! Be sure to book early to secure the perfect venue for a night worthy of all your and your team's hard work this year.

Many restaurants in Quebec City and the South Shore are offering specially crafted menus to ensure you have a festive evening filled with indulgence.

Take the opportunity to surprise your colleagues with exquisite culinary delights and warm atmospheres. These restaurants promise an exceptional experience, perfect for celebrating your team's successes. Book now to create lasting memories at your office party this year!


101 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3A8

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Located in the heart of the dynamic Rue Saint-Joseph, 101 Restaurant de Quartier stands out for its contemporary French cuisine featuring local produce.

This year, 101 is committed to creating an unforgettable experience for year-end celebrations. Chef-owner Charles Gignac and his team have prepared a customizable and always delicious festive menu for the occasion.

With its private import wine list and the option for food and wine pairings, you can choose between the 4-course, 5-course, or cocktail reception. Whether you're a small or large group, 101 can accommodate your needs with its main dining room that can host up to 40 people and two private rooms for 6 to 12 people each.

It's even possible to privatize the entire restaurant (able to accommodate up to 70 people). Don't wait any longer to book for a memorable party!

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


333 Rue Jacques-Parizeau, Québec, G1R 5G2

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At the renowned Quarante 7 restaurant, gastronomy and creativity are combined to create an exceptional culinary experience for the holiday season.


Several options are available for groups of 10 people and more, both on the regular and vegetarian menus. Treat your employees to the specially crafted 4-course menu for this festive time (including an appetizer and half-bottle of wine) for $99.95 per person.

Furthermore, with its indoor parking, Quarante 7 ensures you a pleasant end to your evening (excluding frozen cars and snow clearing). A shuttle service is also available for those who may have indulged too much, as it's common during this time of the year. No matter your colleagues' preferences, everyone will find something to enjoy!

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


3031 Boulevard Laurier, Québec, G1V 2M2

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In an elegant atmosphere, Ginger invites you to celebrate the end of the year with your colleagues. The whole team is ready to welcome you with its modern and diverse cuisine. From delicious tartare to flavorful pizzas and juicy burgers, there's something for everyone! Ginger Resto-bar stands out with its impressive selection of cocktails (over 100) and its wine list.

For larger groups, you have the option to rent two private rooms accommodating between 35 and 50 people. The rooms are fully customizable, from decor to desired amenities.

Conveniently located in the stylish Plaza Hotel, you also have the option to reserve a room if you decide to extend the fun until the next morning!

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


643 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3C1

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Tequila Lounge is a festive Mexican-Canadian restaurant that offers a whole evening of celebration for your holiday parties.

By skillfully juggling a mix of decadent cocktails and authentic Mexican cuisine, you're guaranteed to delight your taste buds throughout the night. Be impressed by the wide variety of tacos with traditional fillings like Al Pastor and Barbacoa, or opt for more creative options like fish and chips or Dorémi. All-time favorites for sharing, nachos, will also be on the menu.


The menu also includes classics like enchiladas, burritos, fajitas, and newcomers like papagayo fish. You can customize your evening and menu according to your wildest cravings.

The Tequila Lounge team invites you to get in touch with them quickly to plan the office party everyone will remember.

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


802 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3C9

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For a gastronomic trip to Italy without leaving Quebec City, the superb Birra et Basta restaurant on rue Saint-Joseph offers an authentic experience of Italian cuisine this year-end.

In a festive atmosphere and eclectic New York-style decor, their wood-fired pizzas and mouthwatering burrata are just a few examples of the many delights you could indulge in. Feel free to visit their website and download their event package to explore the numerous choices from their authentic cuisine.

The restaurant is part of the Top Resto group, which includes a catering service specializing in parties, gatherings, and corporate events. Whatever event you have in mind, the group can organize a sensational evening tailored to your every whim. They also offer personalized lunch boxes.

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


1297, Avenue Maguire, Québec, G1T 1Z2

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Ideally located on charming Rue Maguire, Tapas et Liège warmly welcomes you for the festive Holiday season.

In addition to their quality wine selection, Tapas et Liège specializes in a wide variety of dishes delicately crafted with love by their culinary team. Two menus have been crafted to cater to your holiday groups in style.

Options abound, from stuffed agnolotti to beef flank steak and pan-seared cod, designed to tantalize even the most discerning palates among your guests.

At Tapas et Liège, you're assured of an elegant evening in good hands.

It's worth mentioning that they've been honored with the prestigious Wine Spectator Award since 2019. Don't hesitate to engage their team for a food and wine pairing that will truly impress. If you act fast, there's even the possibility of reserving the entire restaurant.

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


240 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3A9

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For your year-end celebrations, the beautiful District Saint-Joseph promises groups a memorable evening with shows, DJs, dancing, and a gourmet menu.

Chef Philip Sundstrom, newly in charge of the kitchen, has prepared a tempting set menu for $60 per person, featuring options such as black beer onion cream, salmon gravlax, and chicken ballotine stuffed with goat cheese and spinach.

Are you a group of 100 or more? No problem, they can accommodate you with their cocktail party option featuring delicious and varied festive bites. At District Saint-Joseph, a fun and festive atmosphere awaits to ensure an unforgettable year-end party.

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


146 Route du President-Kennedy, Lévis, G6V 6C9

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Délice Resto Lounge has earned a strong reputation on the South Shore of Quebec City as one of the best places for a lively night out.

This chic restaurant combined with a nightclub featuring DJs and weekly performances goes all out for the holidays, guaranteeing you an exceptional evening. They invite you to call early to reserve the personalized package that suits you.

With its 4 floors, European menu restaurant, lounge, mezzanine overlooking the main stage, and three private rooms, Délice Resto Lounge is sure to accommodate your office crew for a party tailored to your tastes.

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


Multiple locations

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If you and your team love Japanese food, especially sushi, why not opt for Sushi X at your next office party?

With three restaurants respectively located on the beautiful Cartier Street, in the pyramid in Sainte-Foy, and in Lebourgneuf, no matter where you are in Quebec City, there's a branch ready to welcome you.

They've designed a festive menu for the holidays and invite you to call and discover their various options. Additionally, Sushi X even offers you the opportunity to celebrate at a budget-friendly rate by getting their VIP card, which entitles you to significant discounts.

Where to Celebrate Your Office Holiday Party in Quebec City?


1280, Boulevard Lebourgneuf, Québec, G2K 0H1

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Côtes-à-Côtes, recognizable for its zebra-themed decor and famous ribs, offers a range of options for your office parties.

Ideally located on Boulevard Lebourgneuf, Côtes-à-Côtes serves as a laid-back meeting place perfect for festive gatherings, regardless of your group size. They also offer the option to rent private rooms.

The dedicated team invites you to indulge in their gourmet holiday cuisine. You can choose between a cocktail reception or one of their hot buffet options. Visit their comprehensive website to see the enticing menus they offer. There's truly something for every taste!

If you've already booked your venue but still want Côtes-à-Côtes' renowned dishes, they offer a catering option, including all the classics that have made their name, and even the possibility of having a Chef at Home.

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