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Article: Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?

A Wide Range of Options to Fulfill All Your Needs!

By Nov 21, 2023
Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?
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Uncover the culinary essence of Quebec with this selection of ten must-try lunch spots. From the historic downtown to lively neighbourhoods, this collection provides an overview of Quebec's delicious and balanced lunch options.

Whether for a quick break between business meetings or a leisurely time with friends, these establishments promise to meet your needs.

Embark on a journey through colourful pokés, immerse yourself in Italian freshness, indulge in Mexican flavours, or opt for authentic Lebanese cuisine.


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Founded in 2016 by Mathieu Villeneuve and his team, Bols & Poké offers a menu crafted by the talented chef Alexanne, featuring creative and colourful pokés like the Big Island and the Hygge. 

Committed to quality, they source fresh, high-quality ingredients focusing on sustainability. The warm, minimalist decor creates a friendly atmosphere, enhanced by a welcoming terrace during sunny seasons.

Bols & Poké aims to be a healthy choice, promising no compromise on quality for a delicious and balanced lunch every visit.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


85 Rue Dalhousie, Québec, G1K 8R2

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Located at the Museum of Civilization, Nollen provides a laid-back experience for lunch in Quebec. Whether for a quick takeaway or a leisurely sit-down in the dining area, Nollen emphasizes simplicity and refinement.

Prioritizing authenticity and freshness, they guarantee a delightful break that leaves a comforting sensation and delighted taste buds. Operated by Nollen Catering, formerly C MIAM, Espace Saveurs offers a counter-service formula.

Beyond homemade hot meals, Nollen expands its offerings with specialty coffees, quality teas, pastries, and fresh sandwiches. Sweet enthusiasts can rejoice in the diverse flavours to accompany their coffee, encouraging a break from routine and discovering new tastes with each visit.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


2013 Bd Lebourgneuf, local 111, Québec, G2K 0N8

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In Quebec City, Pacini Lebourneuf stands out with its warm and festive Italian atmosphere, offering all-you-can-eat pasta, pizzas, roasted meats, and grilled bread.

The restaurant boasts its indulgence and authentic flavours while committing to meeting nutritional needs, including gluten sensitivities or nut allergies. Renowned for its exclusive All-You-Can-Eat Bread Bar, Pacini lets you choose from a variety of Pacini breads and spreads, enjoying the unique aroma and taste of grilled bread.

The Presto Lunch Menu from Monday to Friday, 11 am to 3 pm, offers a table d'hôte experience for an additional $9, including soup, vegetable or tomato juice, selected beverage, and Dolci.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


197 Rue Racine, Québec, G2B 1E5

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Situated on Racine Street in Loretteville, Super Super is more than just a food store. Offering a vibrant and warm culinary universe, this recently opened establishment becomes a lunchtime essential.

Founded by Stéphan Doe, former La Presse photographer, and his partner Brigitte, Super Super provides a unique gastronomic experience with its mac and cheese kiosk, tartare preparations, and a selection of artisanal charcuteries. The joyfully decorated store by Francis Léveillé also offers homemade preserves and products from other artisans.

Soon, the addition of local wines, beers, and ciders, along with a morning coffee and croissant offering, promises to make it an attractive place for breakfast. Open every day, Super Super becomes the ideal spot to savour a delicious meal.


Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


1040 Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand S, Québec, G1M 3H1

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Originating from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, La Voie Maltée is a microbrewery that needs no introduction. Proudly using their own beer brewed on-site to create quality and accessible dishes, they are renowned not only for their beer but also for its integration into their dishes, optimizing regional products. This includes signature pizzas baked in a Neapolitan oven, an exclusive feature found only at the Pierre-Bertrand branch.

Open during lunch hours, it's the perfect place to combine business meetings, pleasure, and flavours.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


218 Rue Saint-Vallier O, Québec, G1K 1K2

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Julio Taqueria, a cozy neighbourhood haven, offers a moment with Mexican influences, gluten-free, in a colourful setting. Open from 11:30 am to 11 pm continuously, with or without a reservation, the establishment encourages shared moments among friends.


Specializing in tacos and quesadillas, everything is homemade, from tortillas to spicy sauces, suitable for all diets, including vegans. The bar offers avant-garde cocktails, with or without alcohol, in a minimalist ambiance. Julio Taqueria also provides a variety of cold dishes perfect for sharing.

With a new decor and a revised menu since last August, discover 10 dishes to share that perfectly complement the must-try tacos and quesadillas.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City? 


32 Rue Saint-Louis, Québec, G1R 3Y9

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Located just steps from Château Frontenac, Conti offers a contemporary Italian experience in an urban setting. The subdued atmosphere reveals the flavours and colours of modern Italy. As the little brother of the Continental, Conti attracts locals and travellers alike.

From the grill to the oven, the restaurant reimagines classic Italian dishes, offering risottos, penne, and linguine adorned with flavorful sauces. For more sophisticated options, veal, osso buco, salmon fillet, and beef tenderloin are on the menu. Their antipasti platter pairs perfectly with a glass of wine.

Free valet indoor parking service and nearby parking spaces make access easy.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


700 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, G1R 1P9

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Le Hobbit, in the heart of Faubourg Saint-Jean, captures attention not only for its warm ambiance and welcoming decor but also for its community engagement, notably through its farmers' market.

Le Hobbit stands out for its creative approach, offering an inventive brunch menu that appeals to both adults and children. Customizing plates for the younger ones adds a charming touch, highlighting the attention to detail.

The promise of savouring well-constructed dishes with seasonal ingredients in a welcoming setting remains a compelling reason for a future lunch reservation. To give you a glimpse, they currently offer butternut squash spaghetti with sage cream sauce, prosciutto, and crushed hazelnut nougat, as well as salmon tartare with dill, capers, and lemon, accompanied by homemade fries.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


250-M Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Québec, G1L 5A7

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Zeitoun Cuisine Libanaise, nestled on the second floor of the Grand Marché de Québec, offers an authentic culinary experience.

With "Zeitoun," meaning "olive" in Lebanese, as its emblem, the restaurant highlights key ingredients of Lebanese cuisine such as olives and olive oil. The menu, inspired by family recipes, offers a variety of traditional Lebanese mezze and popular desserts. They also provide a quick and delicious menu, ideal for a fast and tasty lunch break. The characteristic flavours of Lebanese cuisine, such as rose water, orange blossom, and various nuts, are found in their popular desserts. 

In addition to on-site service, Zeitoun Cuisine Libanaise also offers catering for those who want to enjoy these delights at home.

Zeitoun has become a great option for quick midday meals, offering a culinary escape in the heart of Quebec. The authentic dishes and unique flavors make this restaurant a popular destination for a unique lunch break.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?


1308 Avenue Maguire, Québec, G1T 1Z3

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Located in the heart of Maguire Avenue in Sillery, Faks Café invites you into a new urban decor, perpetuating its warm atmosphere and courteous service since its inception in August 1996.

With a simple, varied, and affordable menu, Faks captivates with its renowned burgers, thin-crust pizzas, delicious plates of pasta, grills, and salads. Draft beers and a selection of wines by the glass complete the experience. Whether for a quick business lunch or a convivial evening with friends, the Faks team eagerly awaits each visit.

From their humble beginnings to today, marked by 25 years of stories, the restaurant has evolved, but the constant remains: the pursuit of quality and pleasure, both in the kitchen and in service.

Looking for a Tasty Lunch Break in Quebec City?

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