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Article: Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions

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By Sep 25, 2023
Quebecs Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions

Let's dive into the culinary scene of Quebec by exploring the great culinary institutions and classic restaurants that have shaped the culinary reputation of this city.

Over the decades, these establishments have managed to captivate even the most discerning palates while preserving the essence of their culinary traditions.

Let's discover together the delights and history that make these restaurants undeniable gems in Quebec's culinary scene.


26 Rue Saint-Louis, Québec, G1R 3Y9

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Le Continental, a cornerstone of Quebec's gastronomic scene since 1956, is nestled in the heart of Old Quebec, near the Château Frontenac. This timeless institution enchants guests with its intimate atmosphere, attentive service, and spectacular culinary presentations.

Founded in 1956, it remains the city's oldest gastronomic establishment, residing in a mansion built in 1845 by the Honorable Jean-Thomas Taschereau, a Supreme Court of Canada judge.

Le Continental is renowned for its diverse and refined cuisine, featuring flambéed dishes such as the Continental filet mignon, Madère-flambéed sweetbreads, and whiskey-flambéed langoustines. With a team of 85 professionals, including a butcher and a pastry chef, this establishment on Saint-Louis Street in Old Quebec stands out in its unique niche.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


690 Grande Allée E, Québec, G1R 2K5

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Le Grand Café, located in the heart of Quebec's gastronomic, cultural, and social life on Parliament Hill, occupies a privileged place on the city's main restaurant and entertainment artery.


This contemporary restaurant offers various international cuisines, including delicious pizzas, Italian specialties, exotic salads, grilled dishes, and fondues.

The warm and modern atmosphere of the restaurant invites relaxation, while its famous terrace offers breathtaking views of the Parliament, the military parade ground, and the surrounding parks, making Le Grand Café a must-visit in Quebec.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


48 Rue Ste-Ursule, Québec, G1R 4E2

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Saint-Amour, founded in 1978 by Jacques Fortier and Jean-Luc Boulay, is a renowned Quebec institution known for its high-quality French cuisine, showcasing regional products. Renowned chef Jean-Luc Boulay and his team have earned numerous accolades, making the restaurant a favorite among Canadian travellers.

The sumptuous decor of the restaurant, designed by the famous Giovanni Maur, creates a warm and elegant ambiance, complete with an impressive courtyard.

The Saint-Amour menu, crafted by Chef Boulay, blends tradition and innovation, highlighting the richness of Quebec's terroir. Seasonal and gourmet dishes, such as creatively prepared foie gras, are exquisite. The restaurant also offers one of the largest wine selections in Canada, with over 12,000 bottles. The experience at Saint-Amour is unforgettable, in a majestic and tranquil atmosphere, ideal for savoring artistic culinary creations.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


65 Rue de Buade, Québec, G1R 4A2

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Pub d'Orsay, an iconic establishment in Quebec since 1973, entices with its European atmosphere and lively ambiance. It has earned a distinguished reputation by offering quality international cuisine at affordable prices. Owner Marcel Veilleux declares, "We offer excellent cuisine at reasonable prices, served by professionals, in an atmosphere that can be either lively or intimate, depending on your preferences."

Located in the heart of Old Quebec, near the Château Frontenac, Pub d'Orsay embodies Quebec hospitality within a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Stepping through the doors of Pub d'Orsay, you embark on a culinary journey around the world, a world of flavors, captivating aromas, and conviviality where languages blend. Visitors from around the globe, as well as locals, flock to Pub d'Orsay to savor delicious and diverse cuisine.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


3111, ch. St-Louis, Québec, G1W 1R6

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Le Michelangelo, an institution since 1973, has built its reputation on authentic Italian recipes, exceptional ingredients, and outstanding service.


The current location, built in 1993 in collaboration with architect Giovanni Maur, offers contemporary Italian-inspired architecture, including a dining room, a lounge with a bar, semi-private alcoves, private lounges, a large reception room, and a unique wine cellar in Canada. Whether it's a table for one or a party of 150 guests, Le Michelangelo promises an unforgettable and personalized experience.

Le Michelangelo offers an excellent selection of Italian dishes and a wide range of Italian wines, making it a preferred destination for a memorable culinary experience in Quebec.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


203 Rue Saint-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3B1

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Clocher Penché, established in 1995, remains a beloved timeless bistro located on Saint Joseph Street, offering market cuisine. Over the years, it has become a must-visit institution in Quebec, charming both locals and visitors.

Despite transitioning from a café to a bistro, Clocher Penché has preserved its friendly atmosphere and simple, clean décor, accommodating about fifty guests in a bright and welcoming space.


Chef Mathieu Brisson, with experience in renowned establishments in Montreal, emphasizes the use of carefully selected regional products, resulting in an ever-evolving menu while preserving classic, essential dishes. Clocher Penché stands out for its quality cuisine and excellent value, showcasing authentic products and exceptional freshness.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


73 Rue du Sault-Au-Matelot, Québec, G1K 3Y9

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Échaudé, a pillar of Quebec's gastronomic scene for over three decades, continues to captivate guests with quality French bistro cuisine featuring fresh Quebec products. This restaurant, beloved by many regulars, distinguishes itself with its warm hospitality and a menu that evolves with the seasons while preserving the classics that have forged its reputation.

Échaudé's dining room, simple and classic, is designed to accommodate up to 63 guests in a friendly and unconventional atmosphere. The walls adorned with five large mirrors reflect the natural light streaming through the large windows, while a discreet glass-walled wine cellar blends harmoniously into the decor.

The lunch menu, consisting of four appetizers, ten main courses, and four desserts, offers creative variations of classic dishes, providing guests with an exceptional taste experience with each visit. In the summer, a lively terrace overlooks the street, offering additional space for up to 40 guests.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


117 Rue Dalhousie, Québec, G1K 9C8

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Laurie Raphaël, an iconic restaurant in Quebec for over 30 years, is dedicated to promoting local products and contributing to the development of Quebec's terroir.

Founded in 1991 by Daniel Vézina and Suzanne Gagnon, it takes its name from their children, Laurie and Raphaël. Initially located in Old Quebec's Old Port, the restaurant was later relocated to provide a more intimate, gastronomy-focused experience.

The menu, crafted by Chef Raphaël, highlights local products through five distinct themes, offering a varied and unique culinary experience. Sommelier and head waiter Anthony Perrot offers an elaborate wine list of more than 500 labels from all over the world, 80% of which are privately imported wines.

The restaurant recently updated its branding, affirming its high-end positioning in an ever-evolving industry. The restaurant can accommodate 35 people, with a private room available by reservation.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions


3100, ch. St-Louis, Québec, G1W 1R8

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La Fenouillière, a gastronomic institution in Quebec for over 30 years, is known for its refined cuisine featuring regional products.

Located on the ground floor of the L'Aristocrate Hotel in Sainte-Foy, La Fenouillière is renowned for its creative dishes, pleasant service, and chic ambiance.

Additionally, the restaurant has won several culinary awards, including the CAA/AAA 4 Diamonds and Wine Spectator awards, and offers a constantly updated wine list to align with current trends.

Among the memorable experiences offered by La Fenouillière, its weekend brunches are particularly appreciated. La Fenouillière stands as a culinary hotspot in Quebec, captivating even the most discerning palates with its fresh cuisine and impressive wine selection.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions

Batifol Bar & Grill (Hôtel Ambassadeur)

Multiple locations

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Batifol, a Lac Beauport staple for over 33 years, offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that delight all diners. An expecional experience is offered to the residents and visitors of this charming region. In the summer, a beautiful heated terrace is available.

Batifol Bar & Grill, open since 2013, is conveniently located next to the Hôtel Ambassadeur on Sainte-Anne Boulevard in Quebec. The restaurant provides a modern and relaxed environment and welcomes guests every day of the week. Its ever-evolving international cuisine and high-end breakfasts have made it a huge success. Dishes such as General Tao chicken, tartares, spring rolls, and fried calamari are to be savored.

Quebec's Great Classics: Discover Timeless Institutions

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