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Article: 10 Restaurants to Go to with Nice Vegetarian/vegan Options

10 Restaurants to Go to with Nice Vegetarian/vegan Options

Creative recipes that are not boring at all!

By Mar 12, 2023
10 Restaurants to Go to with Nice Vegetarian/vegan Options

For some people, eating vegetarian and/or vegan is something that is done daily. In contrast, others are flexitarians and will sometimes like to go for animal protein-free options. 

Beyond the salads, many restaurants in Quebec City have lovely dishes that are creative, satisfying, and varied. 

Although most of these addresses are not entirely vegetarian, we have fun discovering the different variations offered. 

Without further ado, here are 10 places we love to visit for a vegetarian meal.


97 Rue du Sault-au-Matelot, Québec, G1K 3X7

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They are the first entirely vegan restaurant in Quebec City and trust us, they are worth a visit (or several). 

Located in Old Quebec in the lower town, we let ourselves be transported into their universe as we walked through the door. From the different cartoons on the wall, the graffiti, the leather benches, or the pink chairs at the bar, everything is there to make it eclectic and artistic.

The dishes are creative and remind us of the classics that we may know like dumplings, general Tao, burgers, ramen, pasta, and wonderful desserts. Don't leave without trying one of their cocktails with or without alcohol!

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


Multiple locations

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For more than 30 years, Chez Victor's burgers have conquered the people of the capital. Over the years, several branches have been opened and it is now possible to visit them if you are in Beauport, Cap-Rouge, Lebourgneuf, Lévis, Saint-Jean, and more.


Favoring first and foremost local products, you can savor the quality of the different items on their menu. Chez Victor is mainly known for its burgers, and you can find beautiful vegetarian and vegan creations. And this is even in homemade sauces like the Spicy VGnaise and the Chermoula VGnaise. 

For example, the verguez with a homemade spicy vegetable dumpling, VegNature's La Bûchette cheese (cashew nuts), lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, VGnaise chermoula, and hot mustard.

The vegan poutine and their quirky truffle cake are also very tasty.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


955 Jean-Gauvin, Québec, G1X 4M5

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Le Colibri offers energizing dishes made from quality ingredients. Their menu consists of gluten-free options, vegetarian, vegan, and healthy protein offerings. 

Behind this restaurant, there is a strong sense of transparency about where their ingredients come from by posting videos about their meetings with suppliers.

In their menu, one can select a salad ( Taco Libre, Boruto, K-Pop, Israeli, Thaï story or the energizing dej), wraps ( Tex-Mex, Falafel, Sud-Ouest or the Wrap dej), plates (chili and falafel), soups and snacks. 

Whether it is for the beauty of their dishes, the ethics, or the quality of the ingredients, there is no lack of reasons to visit them.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


990 Route de l'Église, Québec, G1V 3V5

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If there's one cuisine that easily accommodates vegetarians, it's Italian. Verace at District Gourmet has won several gourmet awards for its beautiful pizzas since it opened. They make Neapolitan pizza as classified by UNESCO. Very few succeed in achieving this recognition. At Pizza Week 2022, they also won several awards.


When you visit, you can either opt to sit at the counter and watch the kitchen team at work or take a seat at a table dedicated to the restaurant in the District.

Their specialties include Neapolitan pizza, margarita di Bufala, and vegetariana. 

A must in the city for any lover of Italian pizza.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


Multiple locations

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The various Gros Luxe locations offer original, comforting, and affordable lunch and dinner dishes, as well as hearty and tasty brunches. They have a wide selection of creative vegetarian options. In fact, in Quebec City, the menu is 60% vegetarian.

Starters include fried pickles, cauliflower wings, avocado fries, and nachos doritos. In the main course, we can find a tofu poke bowl, a veggie burger, a veggie shiitake fried chicken burger, to poutine, poutine tater tots, forest mac, , vegan mac, grilled-cheese poutine, and much more.

It is impossible to talk about this restaurant without mentioning its famous cocktails and especially its bloody caesars with specialized garnishes. 

Don't hesitate to go there for brunch to try the vegan gratin or the avocado toast.


We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


2010 Avenue Jules-Verne, Québec, G2G 2R2

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Mix in the expertise of such greats as Jean-Luc Boulay, Arnaud Marchand, and Emeline Péro and you'll find Les Botanistes.

The menu is constantly evolving with the seasons and locally available ingredients. Unlike many restaurants, the emphasis in their dishes is on plants and not on protein. Therefore, it is not surprising to find delicious vegetarian options. 

It is highly recommended that you ask the person on duty about the vegetarian menu options, as some can transform from carnivorous to meatless.

Here, we are in a bistronomy category where we want you to live a unique experience with each visit.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


32 Rue Charlevoix, Québec, G1R 5C4

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The Augustine Monastery restaurant is also known as Le Vivoir. The restaurant's offer is designed to go with the relaxing and rejuvenating experience of its guests. 

The menu focuses on quality products and recipes that are as healthy as possible. The menu changes according to the seasons and the ingredients available.

Open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Le Vivoir is accessible to guests staying with a package including meals, as well as to daily access holders.

A must-see on your next visit, it is a must for the area.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


Multiple locations

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With 5 locations in Quebec City, Levis, and Chicoutimi, Bols et Poké has seduced us with their tasty poké bowls, pokerittos, and smoothies. Everything is fresh and made from high-quality ingredients.

They offer good choices of vegetarian recipes based on vegetable proteins like tofu and tempeh. Let's not forget the vegan brownies prepared by VegeTata.

Moreover, they have a grocery menu that allows you to buy their marinated fried tofu, marinated tempeh, and Yasai salad, which allows you to create your own recipes at home while finding the restaurant at home.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


643 Rue St-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3C1

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An authentic Mexican menu, filled with freshness, a great atmosphere, tasty cocktails, and exceptional boozy brunches, that's what Tequila Lounge offers.

The restaurant is a pleasant fusion between authentic Mexican and Quebecois heritage. With many special evenings and promotions, this is a lively place on St. Joseph Street to visit.

Apart from the very tasty guacamole, you can eat good things like the cauliflower puebla appetizer, the nacho dirt as well as the different varieties of nopales veggies.

As for the brunch, all the dishes on the menu are offered in a vegetarian version! All you have to do is decide which cocktails will accompany your meal!

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.


356 Rue Dorchester, Québec, G1K 6A4

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A large part of Indian cuisine is vegetarian and even vegan, so it's not surprising to find mouth-watering dishes on the menu of Shahi Tandoori. As soon as you walk through the doors of the restaurant, you will find the thematic atmosphere of the warmest.

The Delhi table d'hôte and thalis plates are entirely vegetarian and believe us, it's a delight from A to Z. You can enjoy it solo, with 2, 3, or 4 people. Of course, you can decide to go à la carte, a whole page of meatless items is proposed, enough to build your own meal at each visit.

Mitigate the spiciness with a good mango lassi, the perfect accompaniment to any spicy Indian meal.

We go there for nice vegetarian/vegan options.

Check out all the other restaurants with vegetarian and/or vegan elements in Quebec City here.



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