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Article: 10 Restaurants with Great Comfort Food in Quebec

10 Restaurants with Great Comfort Food in Quebec

Nothing like comfort food to warm your soul

By Nov 17, 2022
10 Restaurants with Great Comfort Food in Quebec
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Memories have a big impact on the definition of comfort food. Whether you attach these flavors to childhood moments, school, drinking parties, hard times, or happy times, there are many reasons to succumb to the temptation to enjoy this dish.

Of course, there are so many variations for everyone of what comfort food is, but we have gathered the places that allow you to have an idea of the most popular ones at the moment in Quebec City and its surroundings.

Will you find your comfort food of choice there?


815, côte d'Abraham, Québec, G1R 1A4

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Taking your time to cook your food, gathering around a delicious fondue, and doing so in a picturesque setting can only make you feel better.

La Grolla is located in the heart of Old Quebec and serves Swiss specialties that are all equally hearty: Chinese and Bacchus fondue, Burgundian fondue, cheese fondue, Swiss raclette, Alpine "pierrade" and gourmet desserts.

You choose the dish that will please your guests and then the protein or proteins. In addition, they are known for offering warm and attentive service, which only adds to the great experience.

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


Multiple locations

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Since 1969, Normandin restaurants have been serving family meals with generous portions. Their first location opened in Neufchâtel, and today, they have more than 40 different locations throughout the province of Quebec! They have won over Quebecers with their excellent value for money and their varied menu.


From breakfast (served all day long) to late-night meals, Normandin serves dishes that are well-known and appreciated by its loyal customers. Some of the featured items include the famous brunch plate, homemade baked beans, a wide variety of pizzas, burgers, portions of pasta, and club sandwiches. 

They also prepare a selection of dishes that change with the seasons, such as a holiday menu with traditional favorites. 

If you like their products, don't hesitate to bring in their ready-to-go food!

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


75, rue St-Joseph E, Québec, G1K 3A6

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Dip your spoon and chopsticks into a bowl of Japanese soup (commonly called ramen), smell all the flavors of the homemade broth, and the perfectly cooked noodles, and taste each ingredient that can only warm your soul! Accompany this with one or more "tsunamis" which are the equivalent of tapas for complete immersion.

Tora-Ya Ramen is on St. Joseph Street and has a reputation to uphold. The owners were inspired by their mother's recipes to design the menu items. Moreover, a nice selection of sakés and shoju are proposed on the menu, if you want to try the rice-based spirits.

Enjoy your trip to Japan!

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


2360 Ch Ste-Foy, Québec, G1V 4H2

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Sometimes comfort is found in holding that famous sandwich in our hands! When you hold a smash Holy Burger, we guarantee that the pleasure and flavors are there!

The smash burger is a steak patty that is not sliced thick but pressed on a hot plate to cool and crush it. It is very thin and forms a crispy, caramelized crust upon heat shock while remaining juicy on the inside. It makes you want to eat it, doesn't it?


You can't go past their decadent poutines, homemade sauces, Sterling Silver premium meat, and innovative recipes.

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


1137, route de L'Église, Québec, G1V 3W4

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This is the place to be for anyone who likes to indulge in a tray of sushi with all their favorites on it. 

Kimono Sushi's brand new location allows them to accommodate more people at once, much to the delight of their loyal customers. Their chef is one of the most experienced in the city and makes sushi that is as beautiful as it is delicious! There are multiple gluten-free options available.

They not only serve sushi but also, great poké bowls and dishes like tempura chicken and orange crispy beef.

Enjoy it for lunch or dinner!

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


1996, 1ere ave., Québec, G1L 3M2

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It is nothing less since 1972, that this snack bar has been open and since then, has not stopped growing its clientele over the generations. They have captured the hearts of people with their decadent poutines, generous portions, and our extensive delivery service. 


Although they are particularly known for their poutines and their wide selection of generous pizzas, they also serve a variety of lunches and dishes that are sure to please everyone. 

The dining room is open every day until midnight, while the take-out counter and delivery are open until 4 am! Satisfy your Pierrot's cravings at almost any time of the day!

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


179 rue St-Vallier Ouest, Québec, G1K 1J9

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The very definition of French comfort food in Quebec City can be found at Pied Bleu. They have won several awards for their boudin, but first and foremost they specialize in cooked charcuterie. Absolutely everything is made on the spot in an artisanal way and all the parts of the animal are used.

In the morning, we have a choice of generous plates with a Quebecois, Scottish, French, New Yorker, Italian vegetarian, or sweet option. At noon, we share a mâchon with the guests at the table or we stop its choice of a meal with a chart like the sauerkraut, the tartiflette, a cassoulet, and still many other greedy options.

In the evening, don't hesitate to opt for the pike quenelle, the veal blanquette, their famous blood sausage, and a generous cheese platter.

Whether you choose to eat in or for their ready-to-eat meals, expect the most generous French cuisine.

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


637 Grande-allée Est, Québec, G1R 2K4

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The Faite à l'os experience is all about comfort food that blends the barbecue culture of the southeastern United States with our Quebec roots.

Here are a few examples of what you'll find on their menu: homemade smoked salmon, onion soup, smoked marrow bones, smokehouse dishes, burgers, and a barbecue combo to share.

We can't pass up the generous menu of microbrewery beers, house cocktails, and privately imported wines. The atmosphere is friendly and festive, with outstanding service. Perfect for a comforting meal!

 10 restaurants où l'on trouve de bons plats réconfortants


3681, Chemin Royal, Québec, G0A 3S3

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A family restaurant with generous and comforting cuisine. In addition to offering a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River on Île d'Orléans, the Resto du Sud will charm you with its hospitality. Don't be surprised to hear people still call it Chez Thérèse since it is she and her husband who have managed this jewel for a long time.

The brunch plate includes everything you could want: 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cretons, baked beans, French toast, and toast. 

Otherwise, the daily specials are served with coleslaw and fries. If you like the club sandwich, they serve it with different versions like the chum, smoked salmon, smoked meat, Orleans, or the southern special. Everything on the menu makes you want to try it and it's very varied so there's something for everyone!

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?


2383, ch. Ste-Foy - local 107, Québec, G1V 1T1

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Considered the lunch par excellence to recover from a big night for Vietnamese, it is not surprising that the pho soup is one of the classics to cheer up.

Otherwise, we can't pass up the good won-ton soup, tom yum, chicken curry stew, general tao, or Vietnamese submarine (banh mi). 

The decor is very simple and all the emphasis is put on the flavors to make their dishes shine.

Where are the top 10 restaurants serving comfort food?

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